Dusty's Drain Cleaning Services

Dusty's provides preventive and emergency service drain cleaning. Our technicians have several years of experience clearing sewer lines, floor drains, slow kitchen sink and or tub drains. We have staff available for your drain needs. For your convenience we can be reached via email, phone or text.

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Drain Cleaning Services

Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in removing debris/sludge/roots/grease from Kitchen Lines, Main Sewer Lines, Bathtub Drains, Floor Drains and more. Call us today for your slow or backed up drain we’d love to help.

​Main line and smaller lines like your kitchen sink or floor drain can wreak havoc on your home or business if they are not maintenance d regularly. Mainline sewer maintenance is a good idea no matter where you live. Hair, toilet paper, roots and cracks in your pipes can cause serious problems to occur with your sewer line. If it is not properly serviced it can cause sewage backups that could end up damaging your home or property.

New homeowners often overlook their septic and city service lines when purchasing a home. We recommend that all potential homeowners have their sewers video inspected before closing. This small precaution can save thousands of dollars.

Toilet Drain Cleaning
Drain Cleaning - Toilets

What Others Say

Happy customers are our greatest achievement, here’s how they feel about Dusty’s.

I needed an experienced, professional plumber-fast. Dusty’s service was a 10+! I will use him every time I need anything in the future. He made good on all promises and quoted a more than fair price for the work he did.I waited a couple of weeks before writing this review just to make sure the quality was there, and I have no complaints. Thanks Dusty.

G. Greengard

Dustin was easy to get a hold of, and he made it out to my house within a week of me first calling him (there was a weekend in there, and I did not have an urgent need for him). I will most definitely use him again for any of my plumbing needs/concerns.

Ellen Grosh