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Dusty's Drain Cleaning specializes in thawing frozen sewers and in ice dam removal.

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How did I get this ice dam on my roof?

Ice dams are caused by a variety of factors. Heat from your house escapes through the insulation in your ceiling. This heat warms the snow on top of the roof and the snow melts and runs down the roof. As it reaches the bottom is cools and freezes and starts building the dam. Over time this dam gets larger and larger and snow gets trapped behind it.

What kind of damage does an ice dam cause?

Ice dams can cause severe damage to your home and roof. Once an ice dam has formed it traps snow. As that snow heats up it melts and creates a small pool of water. This water can get under your shingles and when it re-freezes it causes your shingles to crack.

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Ice Dam Removal

Dusty’s Drain Cleaning specializes in ice dam removal. Many companies say they specialize in ice dam removal but when they show up they use ice chippers that damage your roofing and gutters.

We only use high grade pressure washers that can create steam at a low pressure to ensure your property is not damaged. We are fully insured to perform ice dam removals so you can remain worry free.

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I needed an experienced, professional plumber-fast. Dusty’s service was a 10+! I will use him every time I need anything in the future. He made good on all promises and quoted a more than fair price for the work he did.I waited a couple of weeks before writing this review just to make sure the quality was there, and I have no complaints. Thanks Dusty.

G. Greengard

Dustin was easy to get a hold of, and he made it out to my house within a week of me first calling him (there was a weekend in there, and I did not have an urgent need for him). I will most definitely use him again for any of my plumbing needs/concerns.

Ellen Grosh