If you’ve delayed getting a drain cleaning or aren’t convinced it’s really worth it, here are seven reasons why you should quit putting it off and how it saves you money in the long run.

1. Avoid inconvenient emergency calls

While no plumbing problem is convenient, for some reason, the major issues (flooding, backed up sewage, etc.) always seem to happen during the most inopportune times, such as weekends or holidays. No one wants to deal with smelly sewage or soggy carpets when they should be relaxing or having fun, yet, for whatever reason, that’s when plumbing disasters like to strike. Also, nothing spoils the enjoyment of a vacation faster than coming home and discovering a leak, flood, or backup that’s been left to sit and fester for days on end.

Fortunately, you can prevent nearly all these ill-timed scenarios by getting your drains cleaned and inspected regularly and catching problems before they start.

2. Save money!

Besides avoiding hassle, many Minnesota homeowners invest in plumbing maintenance for the money savings. Emergency calls — especially those during “off” hours — are usually several times more expensive than those made during regular hours. Furthermore, because the problem has gotten to the state of “emergency,” the repairs are undoubtedly more extensive and pricey than what they would have been if the issues were detected earlier.

3. Reduce chance of sewage or water damage in home

Plumbing problems have the potential to cause enormous amounts of damage to your home. This is particularly true when flooding occurs or, as mentioned, when water or sewage is unknowingly left to sit for extended periods of time. Dangerous molds can grow, drywall can deteriorate, and carpets and floors may rot. In some cases, massive renovations are needed to properly remove mildew and odors or to replace ruined furnishings. The worst part is knowing these huge, unbudgeted, expenses were likely preventable with simple drain maintenance.

drain cleaning and maintenance

4. Find cracks and openings early

While having your drains cleaned, you can also choose to include a main line video inspection as part of your regular maintenance service. This isn’t necessary in every case, but it’s a smart idea if you have an older home or large trees or shrubbery on your property. This process involves sending a camera down into your main sewer line and locating any troublesome cracks or damage in the pipes. With this knowledge, you have the opportunity to fix any uncovered issues before experiencing a plumbing failure.

5. Clear tree roots, scale, and other debris

A thorough drain cleaning effectively removes tree roots, scale buildup, clogs, and any other type of rubbish lurking in your pipes. If left to their own devices, tree roots can grow as thick as pencils or markers, which then clutter up your lines and lead to even larger clogs. Similarly, when scale and buildup is left to grow, the inside diameter of the pipe becomes narrower and narrower. This results in poor water flow, increased obstructions, and makes it easier for pipes to freeze during our long Minnesota winters. Unfortunately, these are the types of issues that cause those expensive and inconvenient emergency calls.

6. Eliminate odors

Dirty pipes are full of foul-smelling bacteria and all sorts of decomposing waste. Sometimes these unpleasant odors drift back up through the lines and escape out of drains or faucets into your home. Obviously, nobody wants to live in a smelly house or have guests put-off by offensive air quality, so it’s important to get rid of these stenches right away. In some cases, it’s not clogged drains that are causing the stink but another type of plumbing difficulty, such as a defective p-trap or soil vent pipe. In either instance, preventive maintenance allows the plumber to identify and solve the trouble.

7. You only need it once per year

Most folks only require preventive drain cleaning and maintenance one time per year. The service is relatively quick and, instead of being surprised by a plumbing catastrophe, you can schedule the appointment at a time that’s convenient for you. Not to mention, drain cleaning is far more affordable than major repairs, and it’s an expense you can budget for all year long.

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