When you need your sewer line replaced, probably one of the first questions you’ll have is, “How can I get this job done without tearing up my whole yard?” After all, having a freshly dug trench as well as the associated mud and muck in the lawn isn’t anyone’s idea of great curb appeal. The good news is that today we have sewer line repair and replacement options that barely leave a mark in your yard. These are known as trenchless sewer lines. At Dusty’s Drain Cleaning, we offer two types of trenchless sewer line replacement — “pipe lining” and “pipe bursting.”

Pipe Lining

Pipe lining, also known as “cured in place pipe,” works by inserting a pipe liner into your existing sewer line. After installation, this liner effectively acts as a new pipe within a pipe.

Installation involves blowing or pulling a flexible tube coated with resin into the damaged line. Once inside, the tube is inflated and after several hours the resin hardens and the “new” pipe is ready to use.

The best part is, inserting the liner usually only requires excavating one, small access hole.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is somewhat similar to pipe lining, except instead of pulling a liner through the existing sewer line, an actual pipe is inserted instead. As the new pipe is pulled through, it simultaneously fractures the existing pipe outward. With the new pipe installed and the old one essentially pushed out of the way, the new line is fully operational.

Pipe bursting requires digging access holes on either side of the lateral line, and although it may need one more hole than pipe lining, it’s nothing compared to unearthing a major trench on your property.

How they Compare

Both of these trenchless sewer line replacement options are equally durable, and many come with a warranty up to 40 years. The only time pipe lining might not be a good option is when the lateral line has joints or is collapsed. In that case, pipe bursting may work if there’s still room to drag a cable through the collapsed pipe.

Pipe lining and pipe bursting are both very common replacement methods and are especially popular among homeowners who appreciate not having to sacrifice their landscaping or driveway to fix the plumbing. Not to mention, the process is fast and economical.

If you’re in the Greater Metro Area of Minnesota and want to find out if trenchless sewer line replacement could work for you, give Dusty’s Drain Cleaning a call at (763) 286-8741.

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