None of us ever like to think about what might happen if our basements were to flood or if the sewer were to back up onto our properties. But, the fact of the matter is, sometimes accidents happen – even despite our best efforts and proper maintenance. So, it’s important to have a “game plan” […]

When you need your sewer line replaced, probably one of the first questions you’ll have is, “How can I get this job done without tearing up my whole yard?” After all, having a freshly dug trench as well as the associated mud and muck in the lawn isn’t anyone’s idea of great curb appeal. The […]

Last year’s devastating cold cost many homeowners and businesses hundreds and thousands of dollars. To help avoid a repeat of such a costly and inconvenient situation, homeowners can take a few precautions before the next round of freezing cold strikes Minnesota. For example, here are our top tips for preventing frozen pipes and saving your […]

septic tank

As a new homeowner you often go through a learning process. Often there are things about maintaining your home that you had not thought of or may not have had to worry about before. If your home has a private septic system there are a few key things you need to do to ensure your […]

Sewage Lift Station

At Dusty’s Drain Cleaning, Inc., we provide a wide variety of plumbing services for both our residential and commercial customers, including emergency as well as non-emergency services. The majority of our lift station/sump calls are for emergency service work. If you’d like to avoid having to make such an emergency call, it is important to […]

There’s arguably nothing more frustrating to a Minneapolis homeowner than a sewer line problem. They seem to come out of nowhere, can disrupt all your plumbing, and often demand your immediate attention. The key to solving these issues quickly, and with minimal damage to your property and wallet, is recognizing the troubles early and then […]

Most of us tend not to give much thought to sewer pipes, and the fact that they stay hidden underground makes them all too easy to forget. However, the one time you should never disregard plumbing lines is when buying a new house. Sure, general plumbing evaluations are required in Minneapolis during home inspections, but […]

While all water may seem the same, there’s actually quite a bit of variation between what’s coming out of the faucets of houses and businesses throughout Minnesota. You’ve probably heard of hard water and water softeners, but you might not be sure if you have one or need the other. If so, below we explain […]

If you’ve delayed getting a drain cleaning or aren’t convinced it’s really worth it, here are seven reasons why you should quit putting it off and how it saves you money in the long run. 1. Avoid inconvenient emergency calls While no plumbing problem is convenient, for some reason, the major issues (flooding, backed up […]

Grant Money for Minneapolis Residents The 2013 Minnesota Legislature appropriated $1 million in Clean Water Fund monies to help property owners who repair/replace their sanitary sewer lines to reduce Inflow and Infiltration (I&I). The Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) is passing 100 percent of that funding on to cities, which are passing it on to […]