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Fast, Reliable Sewer Pipe Thawing Services Throughout the Twin Cities Metro

As Minnesotans, we’ve all experienced frozen sewer lines at some time or another. The frigid temperatures coupled with poor insulation in residential or commercial property often compounds the problem. If left unattended, this can lead to burst pipes, severe and unsanitary backups, and even potential flooding in your home or business. Frozen lines can occur in homes of any age or size; however, older homes are particularly at risk.

Fortunately, the drain and sewer line experts at Dusty’s are here to help. We specialize in sewer maintenance and repairs to keep your drain lines safe and operational all year round. Our drain cleaning professionals have extensive experience in thawing and repairing frozen sewer lines for residential and commercial customers throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

Our services are tailored to your needs, specifications, and budget to ensure you receive the best experience possible. We’ll bet our reputation on it.

Contact us today for help with frozen sewer lines in your home or business. We’re available for routine and emergency repairs.