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Sewer Line Inspection Services for Your Home or Business

Oftentimes, drains and sewer lines below your foundation or underground are inaccessible, making maintenance and repairs challenging if clogs or other blockages are present. That’s why Dusty’s offers comprehensive sewer line camera inspection services for home and business owners in and around the Twin Cities metro area.

Dusty's professionals can spot problems in those difficult-to-reach places, including sewer drains or pipes, and will either snake or heavy-duty hydro-jet the obstructions to loosen and flush out debris, sludge, tree roots, or waste. Our inspection equipment can also locate and determine necessary repairs to faulty drain tile systems.

Patches are most effective in pipe repairs that have short or small cracks or small holes in pipe.

Sewer liners are more effective in pipes with root damage, cracks, holes, or root intrusion at joints. Liners are an epoxy combination and are shot inside of the existing pipe. Once the liner has cured it creates a solid, smooth pipe structure within the existing pipe.

Here's how it works:

Our trained technician will insert a flexible rod attached to a high-resolution camera into the pipes or drain tiles, allowing us to see video footage of obstructions, clogs, or debris within your sewer system. Once we know exactly where the problem area is, we will formulate a plan with you to alleviate the issue.

Robot camera

Our Robotic Camera Inspection System has a powerful, lightweight reel so you can quickly and accurately assess mainline pipes 6" or larger. That includes the sewer, wastewater, and natural gas markets. Robot systems are also perfectly suited for City Sewer inspection needs and lateral repairs.

We recommend video inspection for all homeowners, whether purchasing a new home or selling your existing one, to ensure the integrity of your sewer system.

Contact us today to find out if sewer line camera inspection is right for you.